The Detroit Lions and The Great Wide Receiver Conundrum

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Player Receptions Receiving Yards Touchdowns
Corey Fuller 14 212 1
Jeremy Ross 24 314 1
Ryan Broyles 2 25 0
Total 40 551 2
Pittsburgh Steelers, minus Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton
55 874 10

The Lions found themselves a solid number two receiver in 2014 with the signing of Golden Tate. However, the Lions still had the simple issue of not being able to develop their own receivers.

Looking past Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate, the Lions had little help for Matthew Stafford when it came to receiving help. The offense struggled because of it. Corey Fuller at times showed flashes of high potential. But when that wasn’t happening, he often under ran routes and dropped crucial passes. Jeremy Ross had some nice moments as well,  but never seemed to be in the offense when he needed to be. Ryan Broyles looked good in the preseason but barely played in the regular season.

The Lions must get Corey Fuller’s best in 2015. Pair that with a solid guy in Lance Moore, who already knows the playbook. There’s something to be excited about when looking forward to the Lions offense in 2015.

The easy option is to blame Matthew Stafford for all of this. While he does deserve some blame, look what he has had to work with in 5 years. Leading the league in dropped passes, constant injuries, several different names and faces that never materialized. The Detroit Lions receiving corps has had a hard road.

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