The Detroit Lions and The Great Wide Receiver Conundrum

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Player Receptions Receiving Yards Touchdowns
Nate Burleson 73 757 3
Titus Young 48 607 6
Maurice Stovall 1 8 0
Stefan Logan 1 19 0
Total 123 1391 9
New Orleans Saints, minus Marques Colston
125 1,754 16

In 2011 it seemed the problem might be on its way to being fixed. Showing what Matthew Stafford can be with a run game and three receiving threats. It also showed what happens when a pretty good offense loses it’s run game.

Nate Burleson had a pretty productive year. He recorded 18 more receptions and 132 more yards than 2010. The Lions took a chance on a troublesome kid named Titus Young, and it appeared to be paying off with flying colors. The offense was explosive and downright unstoppable at times. The Lions wins over the Broncos and Chiefs can only be described as biblical.

Things were good, No one could have known what was around the corner in 2012.

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