Detroit Lions All Time Best: Top Five Quarterbacks (video)

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#4        Scott Mitchell – 1994 to 1998

Whether you hate him (like most of his teammates did) or tolerate him, Scott Mitchell deserves to be on the top five all-time list.  His record breaking 1995 season, when he passed for 4338 yards, was the best in Lions history until Matt Stafford surpassed it in 2011.

Mitchell came to Detroit as the hottest free agent on the market prior to the 1994 season.  He gained a reputation as a big play passer as a back-up for the Miami Dolphins and continued that reputation in 1995 when he led the Lions to the playoffs. He and the Lions returned to the playoffs in 1997

Unfortunately Mitchell will not remembered by Lions fans for his prolific 1995 regular season.  As good as he was in the regular season he was just as bad in the playoffs. He threw four interceptions in the 1995 playoff debacle at Philadelphia and followed that with a 78 yards playoff performance against Tampa Bay in 1997.

Ironically Mitchell’s record mirrors that of the Lions in the ability to achieve regular season success only to collapse in the playoffs. Fitting that his regular season numbers should earn him a spot on the all-time list.

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