Detroit Lions OTA Snark: Observations of Observations

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Mr. August Returns

Kellen Moore is my hero.  The returning Mr. August is actually receiving meaningful snaps in practice for the first time in his four-year career.  What that means is that he can start receiving meaningful snaps in the preseason, paving the way for potentially performing kneel downs when the team is winning or, more immediately, actually donning an NFL uniform during a real, regular season NFL football game.  Signed to a two-year deal, the Detroit Lions made the wise choice and passed on the awful QB class of 2015, to Moore’s benefit.

Do I think Moore is going to best Dan 0rlovsky (Again)?  Yes.  I said so in my roster prediction that I felt the team was going to carry only two quarterbacks and despite how much they are paying their backups I hold by that prediction.  Moore is an excellent clipboard tactician and should help keep the football moving down the field by never stepping onto it.  That’s what good backups do and I feel Moore can be a very good backup.  Will he see the field if Stafford goes down?  Probably not.  0rlovsky won’t be on a different team, they can just bring him back.

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