Detroit Lions OTA Snark: Observations of Observations

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Ebron with the Dropsies

The biggest knock on Eric Ebron coming out of North Carolina was his drop rate and it was one of the biggest stories last season…until the regular season started and he didn’t really drop much. Ebron dropped between two and four passes, depending on who you ask.  What does it mean?  Nothing. Ebron had drops issues at the beginning of camp last season and by the time the open practices came around he wasn’t dropping many to any at all.  It’s only notable because it happened, not because it’s really news.

James Ihedigbo Comes Back!  Hooray!

As much as this is touted as good news, it really isn’t.  It’s not bad in the short-term, Detroit Lions OTAs

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are in part here so the first teams can get used to each other and gel, but it might not be good for the long-term.  It’s not a slight against Ihedigbo, who at times was brilliant in Teryl Austin’s scheme.  It would simply be better for the team if

Isa Abdul-Quddus

or one of the

undrafted free agents

like Isaiah Johnson could get a longer look.

The Returner Battle

Jeremy Ross wasn’t good in 2014.  I’ll give you a minute to collect yourself after that shocker, but he really wasn’t a good returner and was a well below average receiver even if you compare him just to #3s.  The team spent a lot of time looking at returners in the draft and you’d think the position would have been adequately addressed by now.  You’d be wrong.  Current returners battling for a spot are elite punt returner Golden Tate (Who might just have a role in the offense as well), Jeremy Ross, and he of the 5 returning yards since 2010: Lance Moore.  So it comes down to an obvious, but unlikely due to the risk, choice and two really bad ones.  Huzzah…

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