Detroit Lions Trade For Another Defensive Tackle In the Works?

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Another first rounder that has seemingly fell out of favor with his present team is the Cleveland Browns’ Phil Taylor.  This 2011 first round pick has dealt with coaching and scheme changes, injuries, as well as the seemingly endless drama in Cleveland.  He could use a change of scenery and a Detroit Lions trade scenario that sees him moved up north with the Browns picking up an offensive veteran presence is a win win for both sides.

Losing Brandon Pettigrew would create an odd hole for the Lions, but one that could easily be filled in free agency clean up.  Pettigrew has mainly been relegated to blocking duties since his receiving production fell of a cliff, and blocking tight ends are a dime a dozen.  The former Stafford outlet would get another shot in Cleveland, where he’d be given every opportunity to see if he can recapture the drive he had when he broke Charlie Sanders‘ receiving records seemingly millennia ago.

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