2015 NFL Mock Draft: Pre-Combine, Full First Round

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma. Jordan Phillips. 21. player. 56. While my first instinct here was to give the Bengals a <a href=. Defensive Tackle

22. player. 55. I never thought I’d see the day when the Steelers would <a href=. Cornerback. Washington. Marcus Peters

Trae Waynes. 23. player. 50. As a joke, I was going to put “<a href=. Cornerback. Michigan State

Eric Rowe. 24. player. 32. With no quarterbacks on the board, and frankly none in the next couple of rounds either, the Cardinals are left to shrug and return to their medical ward QB corps.  Going <a href=. Cornerback. Utah

87. Despite drafting <strong><a href=. Wide Receiver. Michigan. Devin Funchess. 25. player

Many of the best fits in Baltimore are long <a href=. Running Back. Georgia. Todd Gurley. 26. player. 26

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