Detroit Lions 2015 Draft Options at Offensive Tackle

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The most balanced prospect I evaluated was LSU’s La’El Collins. Collins looks like he has plenty of athleticism to get the job done as a pro, but not the world breaking upside that Clemmings and Flowers appear to have. Likewise, he isn’t as refined as Ty Sambrailo. His technique is quite sound, however, and there is plenty to like from him.

Slightly undersized by modern standards for a left tackle (6’4″, 305 lbs.), there are going to be questions about his ability to survive at as a pro football player. It’s not as big of a concern for me, however, as I feel the most likely team to pick him up would be one that employs a zone blocking system or potentially one that wants to convert him to guard.

One of the best things about Collins that really endeared me to him is that he handled spin moves like nobody else in this class. It’s only one move, so it’s not game changing, but too often tackles get beat by spin moves and lose their balance. Collins does a great job of maintaining his leverage against rushers trying that on him, and it’s always nice to see someone stand out like that.

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