Detroit Lions 2015 Draft Options at Offensive Tackle

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Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The highest upside in this class likely belongs to Pittsburgh offensive tackle T.J. Clemmings. He has also been the most fun to watch. The kind of upper body strength Clemmings showed in his college career was mind boggling, and watching him in space taking on a linebacker or poor, poor defensive back was the most comical thing I’ve seen this season in terms of blocking-they didn’t stand a chance.

From the knees up, no tackle was more physically imposing than T.J. Clemmings. His initial punch was at times so devastating that even he himself didn’t see it coming, losing balance as he pushed forward. Clemmings was simply more athletic and stronger than any of the defenders he faced off against, and he used that strength and power to impose his will.

From the knees down, Clemmings has a lot of issues His footwork might be the worst in this class and he is going to need a lot of coaching to get him up to an NFL level of serviceability. In the few instances where Clemmings lost leverage against his opponent, it was in the ‘beaten like a drum’ variety of blocks. As good as he looked most of the time, when he looked bad, he looked really bad. Unless it’s in a heavy running system, it’s doubtful I’d start Clemmings as a rookie, but he looks like a guy that could start on either side forever once he cleans up his flaws.

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