Five Things the Detroit Lions Can Improve Upon During the Second Half

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Oct 24, 2014; Bagshot, UNITED KINGDOM; Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell at practice at the Pennyhill Park Hotel & The Spa in advance of the NFL International Series game against the Atlanta Falcons. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

4. Situational coaching

Jim Caldwell has been the anti-Jim Schwartz in nearly every way, which has arguably as much to do with Detroit’s 6-2 start than anything else.

Caldwell has even made his share of savvy moves to help the team through early on, but despite that, there are obvious areas he needs to improve. Time management remains an issue (running the ball with no timeouts and a ticking clock in London, anyone?) Additionally, it would be nice to see more aggressiveness on fourth down near the goal line from time to time. It would show confidence in the offense, and perhaps allow them to grow.

On the whole, the coaching has been excellent considering Detroit’s past, but several clutch plays by elite players have covered up some obvious deficiencies. At some point in the second half, Caldwell and his staff are going to have to win one completely on their own.