Detroit Lions Roster Post-Preseason Stock Report

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Chris Greenwood – It wasn’t a terrible day for Greenwood, but it wasn’t a good one either.  He picked up a holding penalty for the second consecutive game.

Nevin Lawson – Lawson may have played himself off the regular roster in this one.  He has been a very strong special teamer, but hasn’t been able to overcome his grabby hands as a  defender yet.

Darius Slay – Slay picked up back to back penalties, and they were pretty egregious.  His coverage was actually very good on the day, but you can’t give up automatic first downs like it’s candy.

CJ Mosley – Mosley has become a starter on the Lions, and this was  good example of why that could be a problem.  Mosley wasn’t terrible in the game, but he was against backups most of the time and failed to make a meaningful impact.  He also got caught grabbing air in the backfield on one play, completely lost the back.

Devin Taylor – Yes, he’s down here too.  The bad Devin Taylor showed up in the run game when he ended up completely engulfed on inside runs.  It amazes me how a guy who CAN use his length so well can also sometimes get completely swallowed up.

Darren Keyton – Did you even remember he was on the team?  I had forgotten until late in the game.  I’ll probably forget again tomorrow.

Rodney Austin – Joining Keyton in the forgotten man party was Rodney Austin.  These two were the last guards on the field, which is never a good sign.

Kevin Ogletree – Ogletree entered the preseason a favorite to make the roster.  He may still based on utilization, but he hasn’t played like a guy that deserves to.  Another poor showing.

Don Carey – With IAQ playing well and Couplin with another nice showing, Carey’s injury last week may ice his roster chances.  Hard to see him making the roster as poor as he’s played, regardless of his contract.

Travis Swanson– Swanson actually played very well at Center, which is a nice change, but he was injured during the game and was last seen walking into a room with “X-Ray” on the door. Fortunately, it sounds like just a sprain.