Detroit Lions Training Camp Stock Report 8/2

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Photo by: Dona Keast and Kent Lee Platte

Quick Hits!

Stock Down…

Quintin Payton – Big and muscular, you’d expect a much cleaner release and stronger hands.  Sadly, just a big guy for now.

Dan Orlovsky – Though he has no real challenger at this point, Orlovsky was off a lot today.  Inaccurate passes made receivers stretch for passes that should have been easy as open as they were.

Ashlee Palmer – I spent two days in camp and saw precisely zero plays with Palmer that stood out.  If others (KVN, Whitehead, Tapp, Hepburn) weren’t also showing up, that wouldn’t’ matter, but he’s in danger of being leapt.

George Winn – I like George Winn a lot, but I could count the number of plays he was involved in on one hand.  With players ahead of him showing well, Winn needs to show some kind of value to even make the PS.

Travis Swanson – The worst play of the day came on a botched snap by Travis Swanson.  The “Center of the future” looked poor at the Center position, with his play at Guard the only reason he didn’t get his own column on how bad his performance was.

A.J. Dalton – How weak of an impression did Dalton leave?  I had to check his number on the roster three times just to remember who he was…while he was standing on the sidelines doing nothing.  Uninjured, he barely saw the field and left no impression when he did.