Detroit Lions: 4 Undrafted Free Agents with a Chance to Make the Team

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Abram, FB

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned Chad Abram as being a potential starter for the Lions, but his chances have actually improved slightly since then.  With Montell Owens getting looked at more as a RB than a FB, it’s increasingly likely that it will be a two-way battle for the starting FB spot between Abram and former NO Saints Jed Collins.

Collins is a perfect fit for the Lions new offensive system, and may in fact have been brought in specifically for that fact.  You know who else is a perfect fit for this system?  Chad Abram.  Some of the designed plays in the Saints arsenal could use a versatile player with Abram’s skill-set.  If it truly ends up being a two-horse race for the starting spot, a strong camp and preseason could put Abram ahead of the veteran Collins.

Though slightly undersized as a Fullback, Abram actually tops out as the 10th overall athlete based on his measurements on the Detroit Lions roster.  Except for Shuttle time, all of Abrams measurements were significantly above average for his position, more than making up for his size difference.

Hgt – Chad Abram is shorter than Average FB by 1.01 inches. This rates a 4.55/10.
Wgt – Chad Abram is lighter than Average FB by 6.66 pounds. This rates a 3.53/10.
40 – Chad Abram is faster than Average FB by 0.14 seconds. This rates a 7.41/10.
Vert – Chad Abram jumped higher than Average FB by 2.69 inches. This rates a 6.87/10.
Broad– Chad Abram leapt farther than Average FB by 13.92 inches. This rates a 8.33/10.
Shuttle– Chad Abram is slower than Average FB by 0.1 seconds. This rates a 3.47/10.
3Cone – Chad Abram ran faster than Average FB by 0.15 seconds. This rates a 6.47/10.