Detroit Lions: 4 Undrafted Free Agents with a Chance to Make the Team

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Bryce Quigley, OG

Another player climbing uphill due to an injury, Bryce Quigley is a prototypically sized, athletic Guard prospect who played left tackle for the San Diego State Aztecs.  Quigley is a developmental prospect who, like Cornelius Lucas, needs to work on his strength to be able to contend at the NFL level.  The aforementioned injury was a Lisfranc fracture, which has ended many careers before they started as well, but he appears to be healing well.

So why mention him as a player that can stick?  He comes to Detroit in a perfect situation.  Both of Detroit’s starters are well entrenched, and while it would be ideal if someone were to unseat Rob Sims on the left side there is no pressure to do so.  One backup spot is locked up with Travis Swanson, but the other is up for grabs with Rodney Austin a product of the previous coaching staff and still finding himself fighting to keep from being cut for a third time.

If he’s healthy, Quigley only has to outshine Austin or play close to his level to have a good shot of making the roster.  His ability to play tackle in a pinch makes him a potentially valuable, movable reserve piece, something GM Martin Mayhew has focused on and the OL coaches have prized.

Hgt – Bryce Quigley is taller than Average OG by 0.39 inches. This rates a 5.5/10.
Wgt – Bryce Quigley is heavier than Average OG by 11.04 pounds. This rates a 5.89/10.
40 – Bryce Quigley is faster than Average OG by 0.22 seconds. This rates a 6.23/10.