Detroit Lions Midseason Grades: Safety Report Card

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DeJon Gomes

Sep 15, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Detroit Lions safety DeJon Gomes (24) talks to Arizona Cardinals corner back Justin Bethel (31) at the end of the game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY Sports


Gomes, like Wendling, is a pure special teamer. He has two tackles and a penalty in five games on special teams, and most Lions fans probably don’t even know he exists. Still, PFF grades him +2.5 on punts, so that’s pretty alright.

Grade: D


He’s a good special teamer, but not a consistent performer like Wendling is. His impact is minimal, which means he’s playing well. Big impact on special teams usually means someone made a mistake.

Grade: D-

Vs. Expectations

Gomes is only 23 years old, and was a final cut for Washington who the Lions picked up on waivers. Nobody knows whether he was picked up to be a special teamer, or if they have a longer-term role for him in mind in the defense. For now, he’s just sort of hanging around, and the Lions are content to let him. Because he was such a late pickup, it’s impossible to know what the expectations for him are.

Grade: Incomplete


Gomes looks like a project. He’s young, a former fifth-round pick, and getting only sporadic time on the field, even on special teams (he has played only five of eight games this season). Chances are this grade will be a lot more meaningful once we see what the Lions do with him next season.

Grade: D+