The Top Video Game Lions of All-Time

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2. Bennie Blades – Madden ’95

This selection is based more on personal play preference than anything else. Bennie Blades was a playmaker in real life and I used him as such in the video game.

I almost always got away with using the base 4-3 defense and the play “Jam Middle”. Cycle that star through the players until it landed on number 36 and bring him down into the box to cause some trouble.

Whether coming unblocked around the weak side or sneaking through between defensive lineman, Bennie Blades could get to the opposing quarterback with amazing regularity. It may have been quasi-cheating to treat the 16-bit A.I. so unconventionally but that’s not my problem! The ability to tackle the opposition after the whistle without consequence also provided hours of entertainment, but I digress…