Detroit Lions Receivers: Projecting their 2014 Stats

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Calvin Johnson

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Some Crazy New Calculations

The projections above were used by averaging the percentages of several offenses and applying the average percentage to the totals we projected for Stafford.  What would happen if instead of an average we used the highest possible percentages over that period?

For one, we would end up with some pretty ridiculous (read: fun) numbers.  Stafford’s projections would put him at an NFL record 7,108 yards and 66 TDs if we applied those receivers total numbers to him.  As such, these numbers are neither likely or realistic across the board.  Individually, though, this is probably close to the ceiling for each of these positions.

The only caveat, of course, is Calvin Johnson.  We all know there’s no cap to what he can do. So where did the players get their numbers this time around?  Remember now, these are the percentages of their team’s stats these guys had, not their raw statistics.

 Season Receptions Yards Touchdowns
WR1 Calvin Johnson 2012/2013 27.42% 38.22% 41.38%
TE1 Jimmy Graham 2012/2013 20.09% 23.54% 41.03%
WR2 Pierre Garcon 2011 23.18% 29.38% 42.86%
RB1 Darren Sproles 2012 18.26% 12.86% 16.28%
WR3 Austin Collie 2010 17.88% 15.95% 24.24%
RB2 Darren Sproles 2013 15.92% 11.76% 5.13%
TE2 Tony Scheffler/Joseph Fauria 2012/2013 9.44% 9.81% 24.14%
FB1 Vonta Leach 2012 6.29% 3.58% 5.26%
WR4 Blair White 2010 8.00% 7.79% 15.15%
WR5 Brandon Stokley 2010 3.58% 2.94% 4.55%
TE3 Dennis Pitta 2013 5.51% 4.32% 5.26%
RB3 Kevin Smith 2012 2.25% 1.54% 4.55%

Why those numbers?  As mentioned, those are the HIGHEST percentages of each statistic for eight very different offenses.  These are the highest percentages from the 2010-2011 Colts and 2012-2013 Ravens, Lions, and Saints.

While it is possible that a player nets a higher percentage, it’s extremely unlikely.  So let’s use those percentages and apply them to the Lions receiving corps, once again using Stafford’s projected 2014 numbers.

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