Oct 19, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Bulls linebacker Khalil Mack (46) on the sideline during the first half against the Massachusetts Minutemen at University of Buffalo Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions should trade up, but not for Sammy Watkins

It’s well known how the Detroit Lions and Sammy Watkins from Clemson have a budding “bromance” by all the quotes about how much they respect each other. I’m not opposed at all to the Lions trading up to get a special talent; I just think they’re targeting the wrong guy. Trading up to take another weapon on offense seems to me to be a waste of the Lions best resource, draft picks. On the other hand, if they traded up for a weapon on defense – where they have so few of them – well then, that’s another story.

Anybody who has read my columns before knows that I’ve been driving the “Draft Khalil Mack” bandwagon all over town, with sirens blaring. To move up and snag Mack, the Lions will probably have to give up their second round pick, and maybe have to throw in a fourth rounder to seal the deal depending on how far up they have to go. That’s a mighty steep price to pay, but not something that would be a huge setback for the Lions. They have basically squandered their second-round picks (too many to mention here) since Martin Mayhew started calling the shots. The jury is still out on Darius Slay, but it looks like he may break Mayhew’s streak of bad second picks. The point is that the Lions are used to getting very little out of their second-round pick, so why not trade it away to get that difference maker?

I think one of the ways Stafford is babied is by having to spend so much money on surrounding him with the best talent available. By doing that, the Lions don’t seem to give the defense it’s fair share of attention. Great quarterbacks don’t have to have an all-star cast around them. Look at Tom Brady or Peyton Manning-they’re constantly making no-name receivers look like Pro Bowlers. Stafford has enough help after the team signed Golden Tate. The Lions can wait until the third round to get another receiver in this very deep draft.

One of the things that I’m really looking forward to in this new edition of the Detroit Lions, is what Teryl Austin’s blitzing defense will look like. It will be nice to see a defense attack the offense, instead of what we’ve seen around here lately: a defense that waits and reacts to the offense. Some of you might be thinking that the Lions should sit tight at the ten spot and take Anthony Barr of UCLA; no can do. He’s only been playing the position for two years, a converted running back, and it will take him a couple of years to reach his potential. We already spent last years number one pick on a guy like that: Ziggy Ansah. The Lions want to win now.

Mack needs a little polish in his coverage skills, but his pass rushing skills are off the charts. He’s a relentless machine, chasing down ball carriers and plays with a bit of an attitude. The Lions desperately need someone on their defense who can roam around causing havoc for the offense, someone who would be the heart and soul of that defense. Someone like Khalil Mack.

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  • Chris Wyman

    the lions are hopeless

  • Don Cantwell

    Wow! Pretty dumb comments about the 2nd round pick being wasted so lets waste it again. Give me a break. If you trade up it is for Watkins.

    • twelsh36446

      Yep, totally agree!!!

    • Dewight Mitchell


  • twelsh36446

    Bar would be a better pick than Mack

  • Dewight Mitchell

    Khalil Mack, or Sammy Watkins

  • Ezell Cox

    Peyton Manning made no name receivers really. Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Deymarius Thomas, Wes Welker, Dallas Clarke, Pierre Garcon. Yeah those are no name WR. Why is it okay to put weapons of plenty around Peyton Manning but you can’t use the same philosophy for Stafford. You writers act as though Manning was always great. Check the statistics bro because Staffords and Manning 1st couple of years are mighty similar. With all that said I’d like the idea of trading up for Mack or Watkins.

  • William Rhoads

    we have been drafting defense! but you obviously did not mention we have been drafting bargin basement /late round WR for the last five years! second round pick slay was not a wasted pick! Tate is a little help but what happens if one of them get injured We our right back to were we were one WR! What stupid is resigning Olgbetree/Durham who caught very few pass and we do not know what we have Broyles yet I would love to see him back in the slot but anyway you look at it we have to have Watkins and I believe that’s the only sure handed with fast speed and the lowest drop percentage then you would have an offense and look for fuller/Edwards either make it or break it ! we will trade up to the rams for a first and a third and still have 7 picks left! That’s the win now solution remember the Seahawks had a great offense and defense ! the defense scheme the last five years was lame and vanilla laying off ten yards and not blitzing! with this staff they will be much better and we need to have to pass rush OLB is the second pick! CB our three year before they can help you in the NFL! That’s not winning now not three years from now!

  • mitch696969

    Mack is a Division II guy and we might be getting overzealous, just like we did with Ansah, If you have to draft him in the top 10 maybe he is just too much talent in one guy… If he fell it would be for legitimate reasons, he would be a reasonable fit. The best teams are a balance of lower picks. Top 10 picks make boats tip over with huge contracts. This is a place where you draft 2 or 3 franchise players like LT, QB, WR and then you might have too many big contracts