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Detroit Lions Projected to Receive Fourth Round Compensatory Pick

The Detroit Lions do not currently have a pick in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft. They traded that away to the Jacksonville Jaguars for wide receiver Mike Thomas, but that doesn’t mean they will be left with a big hole in their draft.

Jimmy Kempski used to run the football blog Blogging the bEast, but has since moved on to Philly.com. One of the great features that moved with him is the posting of Craig Turner’s projection of compensatory draft picks.

The exact formula the NFL uses to determine the picks isn’t known but Turner has produced highly reliable projections in the past. Last year he was spot on in projecting the Lions to receive an additional pick at the end of rounds four and seven.

The quick explanation of the process is that picks are awarded to teams that have a net loss in player moving through free agency the year before. Money, playing time and awards are also part of the process but exactly how is not clear. Players who become free agents because they were cut or were a non-tendered RFA or ERFA do not count.

For the last free agency period, the Lions lost four players and signed three, leaving them with a net loss of one player.

Lost: Cherilus ($6.9m), Avril ($6.5m), S. Hill ($3.8m), Durant ($1.2m)
Signed: Quin ($4.7m), Bush ($4m), J. Jones ($3.2m)

As a result, Turner projects the Lions to receive one compensatory pick, a fourth-rounder. The NFL is expected to announce compensatory picks next month.

Check out the full compensatory pick projection on Philly.com.

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