Detroit Lions Player as a Game of Thrones Character

If a Detroit Lions player was a Game of Thrones character, which would it be? The task of turning someone from each NFL team into a Game of Thrones character was taken up by Bandit Ref on Lightly Buzzed.

So, how did it work out for the Lions? Bandit morphed Ndamukong Suh with Gregor Clegane.

In case you’re not familiar with the books or television series, here is a brief entry from a GoT wiki entry:

Gregor Clegane is well known for his size, cruelty, and prowess in battle. Gregor is extremely tall (close to eight feet). He has “massive shoulders and arms thick as the trunk of small trees.” Gregor weighs over thirty stone (420 lbs), nearly all of it muscle, making him near inhumanly strong. Gregor’s strength allows him to wield a six-foot, two-handed greatsword with just one hand, giving him enormous reach while still wielding a shield. Such is the power of Gregor’s strength that he has been known to hack men in half with just a single blow.

Sound like a fit?

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