Detroit Lions vs. New York Giants: SLR Staff Predictions

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Dec 16, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria (80) makes a touchdown catch will being pressured by Baltimore Ravens inside linebacker Daryl Smith (51) during the fourth quarter at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Pelc – Often times over the years, the Detroit Lions have gotten way behind in games and started coming back bit by bit. So while you were ready to give up on the game, you just had to keep watching until they disappointed at the very end. Depending on your viewpoint, playing the hapless New York Giants, playing out the string with several key players injured (a list that now includes Victor Cruz), is either a good thing (since they still have a shot at the division title) or a bad thing (if you believe they will ultimately come up short). The Lions will likely win this game, and the offense will finally get in gear against a battered Giants’ secondary to keep hope alive for another week. Lions 30, Giants 13

Dean Holden – This week, we’ve seen a two different perspectives on the Lions’ season. There’s the fans and blogosphere, already talking about next year, where it all went wrong, and who to hire in place of Jim Schwartz. Then there’s Schwartz himself, reminding everyone that this season hasn’t ended, and two more wins with a little fairy dust will get the Lions into the playoffs after all. What we’ll see on Sunday is which perspective the Lions players subscribe to.

The New York Giants have an even higher turnover margin than the Lions do, mostly due to the errant arm of Eli Manning, and that isn’t a problem that has cleared up at any point this season. They were also shut out last week, and heading into their second consecutive road game. The Lions have something still to play for, and the Giants have been out of it for the better part of the second half of the season. If those teams actually play like that’s the case, the Lions will win in a landslide.

But then, how many times have we said that and been disappointed? It’s not about what the Lions could or should do on the field, it’s all about what they will actually do, and that is entirely unpredictable at this point. Of course, three-and-a-half months ago, I predicted that the Lions would go 9-7 this season and fall a game short of a playoff spot, so I see no reason to alter that prediction now, though I hope it’s only half-right. Lions 35, Giants 20

Aaron Meckes – If there’s a team for Eli Manning to break out of his season-long interception funk against, it’s the Detroit Lions. Even without Victor Cruz, I expect Manning to find the endzone three times en route to a 28-17 victory in Ford Field.

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