Detroit Lions Pursuit of the NFC North Crown: Week 15

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Week 15 Areas For Improvement


I really think that execution is the problem not the scheme, at least offensively. However, when an offense has turned the ball 15 times in four games and a defense gives up 150 plus yards in a quarter something needs to be changed. This week of preparation is critical and the Lions’ chances of a division title are dwindling.

Each week I look for something new that the team could do better, but in all reality this team is making the exact same mistakes every week. If the Lions are making the exact same mistakes every week for the last four weeks then we have to assume that the coaching staff is ignoring the problem or that they are trying to fix it the wrong way.

These last three weeks may be the current coaching regime’s last.

Make Adjustments

This could also be tied to coaching, but adjustments need to be made by the players as well. Coaches can only coach so much. When players continue to make the same mistakes repeatedly the coaches need to try something or someone else.

The Lions have had fourth quarter leads in their last three losses before falling victim to the adjustments the other teams made. You could make a strong case that a large reason for the Lions lack of success in the fourth quarter is due to poor execution, but perhaps that’s because the proper adjustments weren’t made?

Whatever the Lions were doing in the fourth quarter at Philadelphia last week was wrong. No team should ever be able to run the ball for 150 yards in one quarter, especially against a third ranked defense against the run.

Ball Security/ Effort

Do I really need to go into detail on this one? You guys see it, the effort may be there, but it’s not enough. No other team in the NFL is turning the ball over like the Lions and the effort needs to keep improving until the turnovers have been marginalized.

Next Opponent: Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football

The headlines going into the game will read something like, “after a shaky start to the season, the Ravens look to keep their playoff hopes alive against a talented, but reckless Detroit Lions team.” The Lions don’t need to do anything fancy to beat the Ravens in front of their home crowd that is waiting anxiously for this team to put everything together.

The Lions control their own destiny despite losses in three of the last four games.

The stage is set, it’s Monday Night Football, it’s now or never.

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