Detroit Lions vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preview With The Pewter Plank

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3. We’ll hear a lot about Calvin Johnson vs. Darrelle Revis, who wins the individual matchup on Sunday?

Revis. He’s back and as good as ever, so as long as he’s allowed to match up with Johnson on a majority of plays, we’ll likely hear very little from the dominant Detroit receiver. Darrelle might not be 100%, but even 90% of Darrelle Revis is enough to be among the best corners in the NFL, and capable of containing Johnson in a way very few other players are capable.

If the Lions move Johnson around and get him into the slot, he may find himself away from Revis and in a better situation. But when it’s man-to-man with Revis, it’s advantage Bucs.

4. Are Bucs fans happier about finally getting a couple wins or more concerned about possibly slipping draft position?

For the most part, fans are happier about getting some wins. Winning really does cure everything, as fans can now considered the pros and cons of Greg Schiano, Mike Glennon, and other players and coaches on the team. At 0-8, the only questions being asked were “When will Schiano be fired?” But now, with a pair of wins, there’s healthy debate as to what Schiano and Glennon are capable of together moving forward.

I would love a high draft choice. But I also like to see my team win. So it’s a win-win at this stage in the season.

5. What is your prediction for Sunday’s game.

I think the interior pass rush for Detroit is going to cause a lot of problems for Tampa Bay’s offense, and I think Matt Stafford is going to have an easy time finding receivers against the non-Revis defenders for Tampa Bay. I expect a fairly easy victory for the Lions, along the lines of 35-17.

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