How the Detroit Lions Can Exploit the Chicago Bears Run Defense

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Chicago Bears Run Defense vs New York Giants

1-10-NYG 4 (12:03) B. Jacobs right guard to NYG 20 for 16 yards (C.Conte).

Here the Giants are backed up deep in their own end of the field. They line up in 22 personnel (2TE-2RB-1WR). This is a very typical run formation, especially when backed up to your own end zone. This play is very similar to a play the Lions run–using misdirection to catch the defense off guard.


The Giants entire offensive line down-blocks to the left side of the line while tight end goes across the formation to pick up the defensive end.


All of the Chicago Bears defenders bite hard on the linemen’s action. The Giants run a designed cutback–very similar to the play the Lions run. At this point, all of the flow of the defense is going left while the offensive play is designed to go right, that equals success.


The tight end picks up the defensive end and the left tackle seals the block on the linebacker. This leave a gaping hole for Brandon Jacobs (34) to run through.


The only defender in front of Jacobs and the open field is Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte. Brandon Jacobs is a 264 pound running back who’s built more like a linebacker than a running back and he still gains 16 yards. If that type of hole is open for Reggie Bush on Sunday that might just be a touchdown.

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