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Jacksonville Jaguars on Pace to Be Worse Than 2008 Detroit Lions

The 2008 Detroit Lions were the worst team in the history of the NFL. It is a hard point to argue against considering no other team has played a 16-game scheduled and failed to win at least once. But when the 2013 regular season ends, there may be another contender for that title.

At 0-8, the Jacksonville Jaguars emerge from their bye week halfway to matching the ’08 Lions’ loss total and they’ve done it in unspectacular fashion. A 19-9 loss at Oakland in week 2 is the only game the Jags have played within ten points. The ’08 Lions teased fans with a number of tantalizingly close games, including a two point loss in Minnesota in which Dan Orlovsky ran out the back of his own end zone. It is likely the play that defined the Lions ’08 season.

There is no play that defines the Jaguars season to date because there just hasn’t been a single play relevant enough to draw that kind of attention. For now, they’re just an ugly team playing ugly football in ugly helmets.

For all the futility of the ’08 Lions, the ’13 Jaguars just might be worse. They have managed to score fewer points per game while allowing more per game than their potential 0-16 counterparts.

Points Per Game
2008 Lions: 16.8
2013 Jaguars: 10.8
Advantage: ’08 Lions by 6 points per game

Points Allowed Per Game
2008 Lions: 32.3
2013 Jaguars: 33.0
Advantage: ’08 Lions by 0.7 points per game

You thought the ’08 Lions were bad? These Jags have been worse by almost a touchdown per game.

The Jaguars have a chance to go down as the worst team in NFL history, but I don’t have a good handle on how most Lions fans feel about that. Personally, I’m all for it. It won’t remove the experience of living through that crap season but adding another 0-16 team to the history books does keep the Lions from being a single historical laughingstock.

I realize others may be more empathetic, not wanting another fan base to go through the same kind of excruciating season. Or other fans who wear the 0-16 stain as a badge of honor for enduring the worst season in NFL history but stuck by the team.

Do you want to see the Jaguars finish 0-16?

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If you have a minute, leave a comment explaining your vote in the poll. I’m interested in how the opinions break down on this topic.

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