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Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys Preview With The Landry Hat

Ahead of this weekend’s game between the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys, I got together with The Landry Hat‘s Steven Mullenax to get a perspective from the other side.

1. How would you assess the Cowboys’ season so far, happy with where they are?

I think the Cowboys are struggling a bit more than most fans thought they would be coming into the season. But I’m happy they are atop the NFC East and that they are currently undefeated against divisional opponents. But Dallas has some tough matchups ahead including games against the New Orleans Saints, the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. So I’d probably best describe my feelings towards the team as cautiously optimistic.

2. I’m in the group that thinks Tony Romo is a really good quarterback who gets more grief than he actually deserves. What is the opinion of Romo from most Cowboys fans right now?

I think most fans agree with you. There will always be a portion of fans who believe investing in Romo has prevented the franchise from getting a better option. But I believe most remember the struggles the team went through finding a quality starter after Troy Aikman retired. And they are appreciative of how lucky we are to have found a quarterback like Romo.

3. What do the Cowboys need to do to win?

The Cowboys will need to establish a running game to win this Sunday. By doing so, it gives our over-achieving defense time to rest and Romo more time in the pocket to pick apart the Lions’ defensive backfield. Keeping Detroit’s talented defensive line at bay is paramount to Dallas’ success.

4. What do the Lions need to do to win?

Obviously, getting pressure on Romo is key. But I also believe the Lions offense must be committed to throwing the “long ball” early and often against the Cowboys’ suspect defensive secondary. It’s been Dallas’ Achilles Heel all season. And with the recent injury to rookie safety J.J. Wilcox, I believe the deep ball has become an even bigger threat to Dallas.

5. What is your prediction for Sunday’s game?

Despite my concerns about the Cowboys defense, I do believe they are still stout enough to stifle the Lions offensively. With Dallas cornerback Brandon Carr playing at such an exceptional level recently, and Lions wideout Calvin Johnson possibly not quite 100%, I believe the Cowboys no-name defense will give Romo and his offense just enough time to outscore the Lions and pull out their second straight road victory of the year. Dallas over Detroit, 27-24.

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