Detroit Lions Film Room: 3 Throws Matthew Stafford Wants Back

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Matthew Stafford Top Image

Matthew Stafford and the Lions finally unleashed their vertical offense on Sunday against the Bengals. And while there was a lot of talk early on in the season about the Lions lack of downfield throws, there certainly wasn’t any complaining after Sunday. With quarterback Matthew Stafford connecting on several deep passes, including the outstanding 50 yard touchdown pass to Calvin Johnson, it appears the Lions have regained their deep passing ways.

The problem is that while the Lions were finally able to get their vertical passing game going, they missed far too many of those deep plays. According to, the Matthew Stafford’s accuracy has been its lowest on deep passes downfield — completing just over 40 percent of passes that travel 10 yards or more and 25 percent on passes longer than 20-yards. I’ve always thought Matthew Stafford tends to throw a pretty flat deep ball and lacks the touch to consistently drop in into the receiver’s hands, but he definitely has shown the ability to get it there in the past.

Today’s Film Room will take a look at three pass attempts Matthew Stafford probably wishes he had back from last Sunday’s loss to the Bengals.

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