Detroit Lions Film Room: DeAndre Levy Turning a Corner

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The second interception came late in the 4th quarter. The Lions line up in a Cover 2 defense, and while at first glance of the play it may seem like Weeden gifted this interception, it was still an extremely athletic, heads-up play from DeAndre Levy.


Before Weeden even escapes the pocket Levy breaks out of his zone toward the running back in the flat. DeAndre Levy’s awareness and speed are on full display on this play. He closes in on the running back — who is over 10 yards away — in just about two seconds.


So, while the defensive line once again applied pressure to cause an errant throw, Levy was able to fully capitalize off of those poor decisions. Or as he put it, “I was just trying to be around the ball.”

That’s something DeAndre Levy has done all season, and he’s proving the Lions right for making the decision to sign him to a three year deal this past offseason. If he can continue on this path the Lions should keep wining more games and Levy should start getting the national credit he deserves.

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