Sep 8, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola (51) during the third quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin Band Member Says Detroit Lions Center Dominic Raiola Was Verbally Abusive

Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola has had run-ins with fans before, including fans of his own team. Now, it seems he has targeted visiting band members.

The University of Wisconsin marching band was at Lambeau Field for yesterday’s game and according to a band member, Raiola became verbally abusive without provocation. Via facebook post:

Dominic Raiola is literally the worst person I have ever had the fortune to encounter. After marching down the field awaiting the national anthem, He went off on a verbal tirade, among other things, questioning my sexuality (as a band member) and then continued on to bring my sister and my recently deceased mother into the conversation. After I refused to give him the satisfaction of turning to look at him, he switched targets to a trombone ranting at him calling him overweight and saying he can’t play a real sport. After our halftime show, the same fine gentleman called a female member of the band the “c” word.

Other band members commenting on the post say they also heard the insults and that another Detroit Lions player apologized for what had been said.

Check out Tom Melton’s NFL Draft Blog for even more details and comments from band members.

Raiola’s younger brother Donovan played his college football at Wisconsin.

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