Sep 15, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Detroit Lions wide receiver Micheal Spurlock (15) stops just inside the end zone for a touchback during the first half against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions Have Chance to Shed "Same Old Lions" Label By Doing Something They've Never Done Before

The Detroit Lions are only two games into the 2013 NFL season but the phrase “same old Lions” is already being thrown around. Even the mild-mannered Tony Dungy, a Michigan native, broke out the phrase on Sunday Night Football.

The Lions aren’t a franchise that deserves the benefit of the doubt. The only way to shed the “same old Lions” label is to do something different, to prove they aren’t the laughable Lions of the past.

Want to show you’re not the same old Lions? Then do something (good) that the franchise has never done before.

It just so happens an opportunity to do just that arrives in week three. The Lions head to Washington, a place they have never won a game, for a week three game against the Redskins.

The Lions’ are an all-time 0-21 in road games against the Washington Redskins. Here is the rundown:

Date Opp Result
10/7/2007 @WAS L 3-34 (OT)
1/8/2000 @WAS L 13-27
11/9/1997 @WAS L 7-30
10/22/1995 @WAS L 30-36 (OT)
9/20/1992 @WAS L 10-13
1/12/1992 @WAS L 10-41
9/1/1991 @WAS L 0-45
11/15/1987 @WAS L 13-20
10/13/1985 @WAS L 3-24
11/11/1984 @WAS L 14-28
10/23/1983 @WAS L 17-38
1/8/1983 @WAS L 7-31
11/8/1981 @WAS L 31-33
10/17/1976 @WAS L 7-20
10/11/1970 @WAS L 10-31
12/15/1968 @WAS L 3-14
11/11/1956 @WAS L 17-18
11/14/1948 @WAS L 21-46
10/6/1946 @WAS L 16-17
11/14/1943 @WAS L 20-42
11/26/1939 @WAS L 31-7

The Lions have beaten the Redskins on the road, but it was before the move from Boston to Washington. That was in 1935 with some of the Lions’ other wins coming against the Chicago Cardinals and Brooklyn Dodgers.

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