Detroit Lions vs. Buffalo Bills Preview With BuffaLowDown

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3. What is the hottest position battle that hasn’t been sorted out yet?

The hottest and biggest position battle was the CB spot until Stephon Gilmore got injured last game. It right now looks to be McKelvin and Ron Brooks as the starters unless the coaching staff looks to move Aaron Williams back to CS to help out a struggling young crew.

4. Who has been the biggest surprises, both good and bad, so far for the Bills?

The biggest surprise has been Alex Carrington. He has come to camp and has not looked back. He proved himself from injury seasons in the past and has gone strong to win the DE position opposite Mario Williams. The biggest bad surprise for me would be Da’Rick Rogers. The hype on him was big, even with his immaturity and problems off the field a couple of years ago. He got into some issues with the coach this year and it has been a downhill slide until a couple of days ago when he was released.

5. What are you hoping to see in this game between the Lions and Bills?

The Bills and Lions always hav a good match-up in preseason and it always seems to be the last game as well. I am going to be looking at the WR position and the CB position for the Bills and would like to see some guys start to lock-in their positions and begin to play they way they know how to.

6. What are your expectations for the Bills this year?

Looking at the talent on the team and the schedule that they have to face, I am looking for the Bills to start strong and finish 8-8 this year.

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