Dec 30, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) changes the play at the line of scrimmage against the Chicago Bears during the first quarter of a game at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

2013 Detroit Lions Tickets: Divisional Matchup Price Breakdown

The Detroit Lions could be a completely different team in 2013. After seeing quarterback Matthew Stafford sling the football over 700 times a year ago, Detroit finally realized they were far too one-dimensional on offense for their own good.

Instead of simply committing to the run in 2013, the Lions got reinforcements in the form of free agent running back Reggie Bush. Not only will Bush make the Lions more explosive in the running game, but he also adds a new dimension to the passing game, as well.

With a more complete offensive arsenal, Detroit walks into 2013 with high hopes and plans to take over the NFC North. If their underwhelming defense can finally matchup the offense’s intensity, that’s not an impossibility.

TiqIQ ponders the thought by breaking down Detroit’s six NFC North games and prices for Detroit Lions tickets heading into the 2013 NFL season:

Home Games

(9/8) vs. Minnesota Vikings | Avg: $118 | Get-in: $32

Detroit kicks off 2013 by hosting the Vikings, which means either Reggie Bush or Adrian Peterson (or both!) could go off to start the year. It figures to be a high-scoring affair when these two clash on the turf, and fans in Detroit get it for 23% below the $153 season average.

(9/29) vs. Chicago Bears | Avg: $151 | Get-in: $41

The Bears come to town in late September to put the wraps on the Lions’ offense, while Detroit’s defense will try to stomp out Chicago’s air attack. This could be a fantastic matchup and is 1% under Detroit’s home average, so fans are still getting a bit of a deal.

(11/28) vs. Green Bay Packers | Avg: $208 | Get-in: $61

Even though this clash comes in at 36% above Detroit’s home average, it’s still a major deal for all involved. Aaron Rodgers and co. enters the dome to try to complete a season sweep (likely), but Megatron and co. has other things in mind. Regardless of the outcome, this matchup is $101 cheaper than the one in Green Bay a month earlier.

Road Games

(10/6) @ Green Bay Packers | Avg: $309 | $174

Detroit kicks off their division road schedule with the Packers in Green Bay, which should be a very tough game. The Lions don’t ever win in Green Bay, and even lost to Matt Flynn in an epic season finale two years ago. The end result figures to be much the same, but at least the price isn’t astronomically out of order when you consider the stage this one is set on.

(11/10) @ Chicago Bears | Avg: $394 | $116

Detroit travels to Chicago in early November for their second road divisional game to take on the Bears. The price here is a lot to take in, but Bears games are priced very high in 2013. The good news is it’s considerably under Chicago’s home game average and this should be a good contest.

(12/29) @ Minnesota Vikings | Avg: $146 | $37

Detroit’s last divisional game of the season comes in Minnesota, where a playoff spot could easily be on the line. That’s what happened last year for the Vikes, and they’ll be hard-pressed to create that scenario again. The Lions will have an awfully hard time slowing down Adrian Peterson and may not escape with the win, but at just $146 on average, no one at the game can complain

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