Barry Sanders Wins Madden 25 Cover Vote Over Adrian Peterson

EA Sports set up the Madden 25 cover vote as a new school vs old school challenge and old school has won out. Barry Sanders defeated Adrian Peterson in the final vote to win the honor. In the end it wasn’t even close with Sanders claiming 58% of the over 700,000 votes.

This marks the second year in a row that a Detroit Lion makes the cover after it was Calvin Johnson winning the fan vote a year ago.

Barry got to the final vote by pretty much destroying the old school side of the bracket. Here is how he got to the final matchup against Adrian Peterson:
Defeated Jerry Rice in Semifinals
Defeated Joe Montana in Quarterfinals
Defeated Ray Lewis in Round 3
Defeated Marcus Allen in Round 2
Defeated Ron Rivera in Round 1

Not bad for a guy that was a three seed to start the tournament. It is really no surprise considering Barry Sanders is arguably the greatest running back in NFL history and played the game with an unmatched level of excitement and grace. There wasn’t a reason for any football fan to dislike him, except when he was juking and jiving his way to the end zone if you’re a fan of an opposing team. In fact, more than a decade after his retirement, searching keyword “why did Barry Sanders retire” still brings in a surprising number of hits to this website.

Madden 25 is scheduled to be released on August 27, 2013.

EA Sports released an early gameplay video for the new edition of Madden. It’s pretty sweet as it contains a montage of various stars (including Calvin Johnson) running over, around and through the Green Bay Packers:

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