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Detroit Lions Could Wear Throwback Uniforms in 2013

The Detroit Lions haven’t worn an alternate uniform in either of the past two seasons, sticking with their standard home blues and road whites. That could change for the 2013 season.

Before the surprisingly large number of you that actually liked the black jersey look get too excited, if an alternate is worn in 2013 it will be the throwback. Let’s all hope the black jersey is gone for good.

The Detroit Lions hosted a town hall event for season ticket holders tonight and the throwback uniform is one of the things Tom Lewand touched on. He indicated that there is no guarantee the team will wear it but he feels that it is time.

Lewand stated last April that the team was in the discussion phase with Nike regarding an alternate uniform even though the Lions wouldn’t wear one during the 2012 season.

NFL rules limit clubs to just one alternate uniform per season. That means the black jersey, or some new contemporary alternate, would be worn at the expense of the ability to wear a throwback.

When the Lions have worn throwbacks uniforms it has traditionally been on Thanksgiving Day. Assuming that holds true, a number of intriguing options are available considering the Lions will host an NFC opponent. Obviously there are the matchups with the Bears, Packers and Vikings – all of whom would make for a classic looking Thanksgiving game. We can rule out the opponent being the Cowboys since they host their own game that day but that still leaves the New York Giants, the other NFC East opponent to visit Ford Field in 2013, as a potential opponent and another classic in the vein of the NFC North opponents.

That leaves just one more possibility and by far my favorite: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their creamsicle orange jerseys. While the clean look of the old time blue and silver has been a popular throwback look, part of me really wants to see a Thanksgiving game between the Lions and Bucs with both teams wearing their threads from the early 90s. Is there a better way to honor the newly retired Jason Hanson than with an old school NFC Central game between the Lions and Bucs? I think not.

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