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NFL Changes Challenge Rule, But Still No Triscuit Crackers for Detroit Lions Fans

Remember that Thanksgiving Day touchdown the Houston Texans scored on the Detroit Lions that shouldn’t have been a touchdown? The one where Justin Forsett was down by contact but the play was not whistled dead and Forsett ran nearly the entire length of the field for a touchdown. Yeah, I know you have been trying to put it out of your mind but I had to bring it up again.

Here is a video of former NFL head of officiating and current FOX Sports contributor Mike Pereira talking about the play and the rule:

The good news is that the rule has been changed meaning a similar situation will no longer be a touchdown. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything that will or can be done retroactively in the box score but at least common sense has prevailed. After all, the whole point of replay is to get a call correct and anything that stands in the way of that happening is foolishness.

My feelings on the matter a perfectly summarized by a scene in the iconic movie Billy Madison. Here it is:

The NFL has realized there are delicious Triscuit crackers but they can not put the delicious Triscuit crackers into a Lions fan’s stomach.

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