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Detroit Lions Poised to Sign Reggie Bush, Glover Quin and Jason Jones Today?

Today is likely to be the Detroit Lions’ biggest day of the 2013 free agency period. Defensive lineman Jason Jones was in for a visit yesterday with that being followed by running back Reggie Bush and safety Glover Quin today.

Adam Schefter was on ESPN Radio this morning and said there is a feeling around the league that the Lions will sign all three guys.

The thinking is that coming off a three-day negotiating period, these players are likely in town to do more than kick off a free agency tour. Both sides should know where the other stands and if it is enough for each player to give the Lions the first chance, there is little reason to leave town without a deal.

It is obvious that the Lions wouldn’t want their free agent targets to leave without a deal but it is often hard to figure out if the feeling is reciprocated by the player. There really is no way to know how things will play out ahead of time, but at least there is solid reason to believe the pursuit of Bush, Quin and Jones may not drag out very long.

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