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Detroit Lions Did Not Overpay for Reggie Bush

It was no secret that the Detroit Lions highly coveted free agent running back Reggie Bush. The fact they signed him comes as no surprise but naturally led to the question, how much money did it take?

It was speculated that it would take up to $5 million per year to land bush but the numbers are now coming to light and the Lions are looking pretty good. The National Football Post’s Joel Corry has the details:


Signing Reggie Bush is a home run for the Lions offense and the fact they were able to do it for an average of $4 million per year makes the deal look even better.

The low cap number in year one was a necessity given the Lions lack of cap space but even the other three years will look reasonable based on the overall contract amount. Take out the $2 million cap hit this year and the remaining $14 million over the other three years works out to an average cap hit of less than $4.7 million. It is unlikely the contract is structured with equal cap hits in years two through four, but the point remains the same: the Lions got their guy and didn’t have to break the bank to do it.

[Update: Anwar Richardson has the full breakdown and the cap hit maxes out in year four at $4.75 million.]

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