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Ford Field Brings Back Ghosts of Paint Jobs Past

Roll up the Ford Field turf and what do you find? No, not Jimmy Hoffa. Just a bunch of old paint.

Take a look:

Amazing to see how clearly you can make out the Little Caesars logo in the bottom-left of the photo and the hash marks running down the length of the field. Also notice how the end zone area on the right looks much darker than the one on the left? This could be a leftover from Super Bowl XL. That end zone was painted navy blue for the Seahawks while the other was painted yellow for the Steelers. It show how much effort it takes to change over the various logos and words that get painted on a football field.

I was hoping the new turf installation would coincide with the team bringing back the blue end zones that so many fans remember at the Silverdome. However, that means a lot more paint has to be removed when the Ford Field staff changes over the field decorations for things like the Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl. This is done elsewhere in the NFL, Indianapolis for example.

The MetLife Stadium end zones get changed out depending on whether the Jets or Giants are playing a home game but they use a replaceable panel system instead of stripping and re-painting. According to the New York Post, that is not as easy as it might sound:

He said the most time-consuming work is replacing 40 large panels of field turf that make up each club’s logo-laden end zone.

“That takes approximately 18 hours, with two crews [of four workers],” he said. “There’s a forklift like a big spatula that picks [them] up.”

My bet is that the new turf goes down and gets the same paint job as the old turf. It’s the same scheme the Lions have used since moving into Ford Field in 2002, with only the change to the end zones being the adoption of the new “LIONS” font.

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