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Some free advice to fix the Detroit Lions
Pat Caputo – The Oakland Press

The easy part of figuring out the predicament facing the Detroit Lions is what went wrong.

Much more difficult to determine is how to fix the problems.

As the Lions try to sort out their disastrous 2012 season, here is some unsolicited, but absolutely free of charge, advice about how to correct their most damaging flaws.

NFL losses equal soup gains
Beth LeBlanc – The Times Herald

At Achatz Catering and Soup, a loss for the Detroit Lions often means a win for customers.

This year is no different, as the restaurant prepares to give away free soups, thanks to an annual bet concerning the Lions’ season record.

For the past five years, owner Steve Achatz has displayed a sign in the front of the Casco Township restaurant predicting how many wins the Lions will have in a given season.

If the Lions don’t reach that number of wins, Achatz offers free soup to patrons.

Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew evaluates his 2012 draft class
Justin Rogers –

During Wednesday’s session with local media, Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew was asked to provide his assessment of his 2012 draft class.

Calvin Johnson’s Big Year Is Part of the Detroit Lions Problem
Greg Eno – Bleacher Report

Johnson, it can be argued, is the Barry Sanders of receivers in today’s NFL. Just as Barry was better than any other runner at avoiding tackles and thus was frequently able to make defenses designed primarily to stop him look silly, so does Calvin Johnson make defensive coordinators’ game plans as ineffectual as a breath mint after limburger cheese.

Every week the charge to the defense was “Don’t let Calvin Johnson beat you.” Sometimes coordinators settled for “Don’t let Calvin Johnson humiliate you.”

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