Apr 25, 2012; New York, NY, USA; Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson holds up a poster after being named the cover athlete during the Madden 13 cover unveiling on the set of SportsNation at Times Square. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Could Calvin Johnson be on a Second-Consecutive Madden Cover?

It won’t be long before EA Sports starts the process of looking for a cover athlete for Madden 14. With Calvin Johnson‘s 2012 season turning out to be statistically superior to his 2011 season that landed him on the cover of Madden 13, it makes sense to wonder if Megatron could become the first to appear on back-to-back covers.

ESPN.com video game writer Jon Robinson recently came up with a top ten list of the players most likely to be on next year’s cover and assigned odds to each man. Calvin Johnson checked in at number six on the list and was given 10-1 odds. Here is what Robinson had to say:

Picking the right cover is about creating a certain amount of buzz around the athlete in order to help hype up the game. How about the first ever back-to-back cover starring the same player to stir the pot? The Lions have struggled this season, and many in Detroit would like to blame the curse over the coaching staff, but if anything, Megatron leads the league in receiving while being on the cover. Besides, Marshall Faulk ended up on two covers (not in consecutive years), and he’s still walking around fine (and in the Hall of Fame). Maybe a double dose of curse actually flips into some type of blessing. We need to test this theory.

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The ranking and odds seem fine but I start to check out at the mention of the “Madden curse”. For one, I don’t agree that the curse is taking more blame than the coaching staff. Beyond that, the arguments in support of the curse have already been stretched and skewed and trying to fit Calvin Johnson into that narrative requires even more augmentation. Is that really proof of the curse? Of course not. An appearance on the Madden cover is nothing more than a fun way to honor a deserving football player.

So, if it isn’t Calvin Johnson on the cover of Madden 14, who might it be? You can probably guess most or all of the names on the list, but here is what Robinson had to say:

10. Charles Tillman
9. Peyton Manning/Tom Brady
8. Doug Martin
7. Adrian Peterson
6. Calvin Johnson
5. J.J. Watt
4. Ray Rice
3. Aldon Smith
2. Andrew Luck
1. Robert Griffin III

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