Win a Matthew Stafford Autographed Football and $250 Gift Card from Courtyard

Is there a better experience for the sports fan than a road trip? Probably not. Some of my best memories of being a sports fan involved a little travel. The problem with road tripping is that it adds a level of expense with the need for lodging.

Boom, problem solved thanks to my new friends at Courtyard by Marriott. They have put together a nice little prize package including a signed football from Matthew Stafford and a $250 Courtyard gift card to be given away to a SideLion Report reader.

Before we get to the details for entering the giveaway you should know about some of the things Courtyard is doing for football fans this season:

  • Greatness on the Road™:  To engage guests on social media, a Facebook sweepstakes ( is open until Feb. 3rd for the chance to win tickets and the ultimate prize to travel to all the winner’s favorite team’s away games in 2013 (airfare, hotel and transportation included).  The sweepstakes will also be giving away TVs, Super Bowl tickets, Courtyard Giftcards, Pro Bowl tickets and more.  Additionally, each week throughout the season, Courtyard and the NFL will honor one standout on-the-road NFL player who will be dubbed the Greatness on the Road player of the week by the NFL and showcased on and Thursday Night Football.  To coincide with the player award, one frequent business traveler will also be honors with Marriott reward points and featured on Courtyard’s Facebook page.
  • Surprise and Delight Events:  Courtyard is hosting “surprise and delight” tailgating events before Thursday night games at three properties across the country, where an NFL player in that market shows up to surprise guests and sign autographs.  In addition to tailgating fare and big screens to view the game, a raffle will held for guests to win tickets and transportation over to the home game that night.
  • NFL Fan Package: To cater to their fans, Courtyard created a special fan package for guests to win a $50 Courtyard Refreshing SavingsSM Weekend Coupon, 15% off orders of $100+ at and late checkout as available.  To book visit
  • Instant Win Scratch-Off: To elevate the partnership on property, all guests checking in during the season on football weeknights (either Monday or Thursday) will receive an instant win scratch off card. Prizes include gift cards and Courtyard Refreshing SavingsSM Weekend Coupons.  Properties will also be showing games on Thursday nights in their lobbies and offering popcorn, happy hour specials and tailgate food for guests to watch the game.

Fill out the form below to be entered into the drawing for the $250 Courtyard gift card and Matthew Stafford autographed football. Entering will also get you signed up for the FanSided Daily newsletter to bring SideLion Report content to your email inbox.

Entries will be accepted through 5 p.m. ET on December 20 with a winner notified that evening.

[UPDATE: A winner has been selected and notified. Thanks to all who entered. You can still use the form below to sign up for FanSided Daily to have SideLion Report content, including future giveaway opportunities, sent directly to your email inbox.]

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