Detroit Lions Get Win Over Colts in ESPN's Madden 13 Simulation

ESPN has released their weekly Madden 13 simulations and the Detroit Lions are back on the winning track with a thrilling victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

Remember, this is just a fun form of a prediction and like all predictions, it could get it right or be completely wrong. The virtual recap reads like this:

One of the more exciting games of Week 13, the Lions and Colts trade scores for four quarters, needing overtime to eventually find a winner. And while most of the focus of the week heading into this game was on the two young quarterbacks, turns out it’s a running back who steals the show in OT. Mikel Leshoure caps off his day with a 7-yard touchdown run in extra time, bowling over a couple defenders in his way to give the Lions the 30-24 win.

Would a 30-24 final score surprise me? Not at all but the overtime scenario goes against the Colts season to date. As I mentioned when discussing the game’s opening betting line, the Colts seem to win anytime they are in a close game with their losses coming in blowout fashion. This simulation flies in the face of that history, although there is no reason that couldn’t change.

This sort of result has implications for Vegas as well. With the Lions currently favored by 5.5 points, there is a big difference between a final scoring play to break a tie being a touchdown versus a field goal. The sim result also suggests bettors take the over, currently set at 51 points.

How do you see this game playing out?

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