How you can play football poker

Poker is one of, if not the most popular card game in the world. From France to the US, Solitaire and Go Fish have nothing on it, which probably has a lot to do with the fact it’s so complicated in comparison. With every great game, whether it’s a card game or on a console, there is likely to be copycat games. Either that or they create an entirely unique version of poker, with slight alterations to the usual rules. Did you know there is such thing as football poker?

The incorporation of sporting rules and regulations into poker is becoming a normal thing all over the world. There’s such thing as baseball poker as well. Unlike the poker games you’d play on the , in the football version – American football, not soccer (just in case any readers aren’t American) – the first thing to remember is, the players are not allowed to look at their cards before they are revealed.

Points are scored and the player with the most wins, instead of the player with the highest hand, like in normal poker. How many players do you need? A minimum of three players. The maximum amount of players is six. However, the ideal amount would be between four and six people.

The great thing about the poker version of football is, even though the game is based on American football, and the sport isn’t popular in countries like France, football poker is easily understood even from a foreigners perspective. The game only incorporates basic American football rules, so the French will still understand how to play it, even with their limited understanding of the sport. Well, so long as they are aware we mean American football, and not soccer (every other country in the world calls soccer, football).

Wherever you are from, just browse the instructions below.

How do you play?

To start with: eight cards are dealt to each player on the table. They are dealt out as stacks of two, and must face down. For clarification, this means each player will start with 4 stacks in front of them. Remember, you’re not allowed to see them yet. Then the players each flip their first stack of cards.

The cards facing up represent the ‘quarter’ of your football game, and points are scored dependent on the cards you have. For example, they can earn points for every 2, 3, 6 or 7 which is flipped. Think of it in terms of football rules. A ‘two’ would represent safety, while a ‘three’ would stand for the field goal. A ‘six’ means a touchdown and a ‘seven’ means a touchdown with one additional point. Each player needs to keep tabs on their points. You can’t cheat though, because the cards stay flipped up and visible to other players.

This is where the first round of bets takes place, so long as you’re in an environment like a casino where it’s allowed. The round starts with the person who has the most points, and they can choose to call, raise or fold, just like in regular poker. Then the second stack is flipped to represent the ‘second quarter’. The same process happens again, with the one with the most cumulative points starting the betting. On and on until the final stack is flipped. The players add up their points, and the one with the most points wins.

It might seem a little strange, but it does make for some interesting game-play.

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