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Sep 30, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; A detailed view of a Detroit Lions helmet before the game against the Minnesota Vikings at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIRE

If You Could Add Any Former Detroit Lions Player to the Roster, Who Would It Be?

It has become a SideLion Report habit to swap questions with the FanSided blog that covers the team the Lions are playing each week.

This week is no different but one of the questions that came from The Viking Age‘s Dan Zinski this week was particularly interesting. Here goes:

Except for Barry Sanders, which Lions player of the past would you most like to have for this year’s team?

That question really got me thinking. A bunch of names immediately came to mind but I ended up selecting one that might not be so obvious. I sent the following response*:

I will limit my choices to the players that have been with the Lions since my NFL consciousness began in about 1990. From there, my choice is framed by the current state of the team and its needs. Lomas Brown, Herman Moore or Robert Porcher would be great answers but I feel that a different answer would have a bigger impact on this current group of Lions. Drumroll please…Bennie Blades. It might seems like an answer out of left field but the Lions could use a player like Blades at safety, especially with Louis Delmas now out of action again. An honorable mention goes to Kevin Glover who went to three straight Pro Bowls as a center for the Lions.

Some other great choices exist had I been willing to expand the pool to include former great Lions that played before my time. Perhaps SLR readers that go back to the championship days of the 50s could offer a more well-rounded answer. I figured this would make for a fun Friday topic so whether you’re a fan new or old, I invite you to answer this question in the comments section down below.

*I believe this marks the first time I have ever quoted myself in a post.

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