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Should the Detroit Lions Wear White at Home?

Waiting for the Detroit Lions to play on Monday Night Football provides an opportunity to check out games around the NFL that a Lions fan might otherwise overlook. Turn on the game between the Green Bay Packers and St. Louis Rams and you’ll notice the Rams wearing their white uniforms at home.

Wearing white at home isn’t a new concept. The Dallas Cowboys have done it for years as a matter of tradition. The Tampa Bay Bucs wore white in the 2011 season opener against the Lions because of the hot weather.

The Rams haven’t made wearing their whites at home a regular occurrence and there isn’t a weather reason for doing it inside the dome. It appears they’re doing it just because they want to.

Should the Lions do the same?

I’m not advocating the Lions replace their normal Honolulu blue threads on a full-time basis but I would like to see the road whites at home on occasion. The reason is simple. While I really like the look of the home blues, I love the look of the road whites. The white uniforms have such a clean and crisp look with the accent colors adding some pop. It’s admittedly a selfish reason for wanting to see the whites at home but with the NFL limiting the use of alternative uniforms, it is an opportunity to change up the look without going outside their normal wardrobe.

There may even be a marketing component to wearing white at home, even occasionally. Go to any Lions home game and you’ll see a lot of fans in home jerseys but very few in road jerseys. You can bet a few more whites get sold if the home crowd sees it from time to time.

Should the Lions wear white at home at least once in a while?

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This might seem like a simple question but there is a chance it is quite controversial with some fans. Feel the need to respond with more than a simple “yes” or “no”? Leave a comment.

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