Three Things To Look For: Week 6

3 Things To Look For

  1. With the fierce pass rush the Philadelphia Eagles present, I would expect some no-huddle from the Lions. The Lions employed this strategy on the road vs the Tennessee Titans successfully, with a 5.83 ypa (yard per attempt) and 3.56 ypc (yard per carry) average.  The Lions ran a total of 27 no-huddle plays that afternoon.  Over the first four games, the Lions in their no-huddle attack, is averaging 5.59 ypa and 2.63 ypc. This strategy could play a role in tiring out the speedy, athletic Eagle defensive ends.
  2. Expect to see more 11 and 12 personnel sets. 11 personnel being 1 running back, 1 tight end, 3 wide receivers. 12 personnel being 1 running back, 2 tight ends, 2 wide receivers.  The Lions operate out of these looks on more than 65% of their total offensive plays.  Of the 288 total plays, 189 have been run out of these sets (one hundred plays in 11 personnel, eighty nine plays in 12 personnel).  Also expect to see touchdowns scores ran from these sets.  Of the team’s nine touchdowns, four were ran in 12 personnel, and three were ran out of 11 personnel.
  3. Look for the Lions defensive line to get after Mike Vick.  Vick for his career has been sacked once every 10.5 pass attempts. In his last 12 home games, Vick has been sacked 32 times. An average of 2.67 sacks per game.  Also look for the Lions to takeaway Vick. In his last 12 home games, Vick has turned the ball over 17 times, not including 6 additional fumbles recovered.



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