Touchback now available on DVD and Blu-ray

A glorious high school football career is as good as life gets for some people. That seemed to be true for Scott Murphy, the central figure in the movie Touchback.

Murphy was once a hot shot quarterback in small town Ohio on his way to Ohio State. That was until a serious leg injury suffered as he scored the winning touchdown in the state championship game left him permanently debilitated. Hopes of fame and fortune gave way to a much different reality as a result. He never got out of Coldwater, OH and an early freeze threatens his soy bean crop.

It’s then that through the magic of Hollywood Murphy finds himself back in high school the week before that championship game in 1991. Realizing he has a chance to change his future gives Murphy a lot to think about.

Should he sit out the championship game to preserve his scholarship to Ohio State? Should he choose to pass instead of run on the game’s final play to avoid the injury? Is the risk of not ending up with the woman that would become his wife enough to accept his past?

The movie contains a special bonus for Detroit Lions fans. Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders makes a cameo appearance.

Touchback is available now on DVD and Blu-ray and makes a for a decent football-themed family movie night.

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