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Why I'm Not Going To Watch Any NFL Preseason Games

I love Detroit Lions football as much as the next guy, but preseason football is the worst.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple things worth keeping an eye on (i.e. Bill Bentley in action), I’m not going to spend my Friday night watching the Browns and Lions duke it out for the coveted Edmund Fitzergald Trophy.  However, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to check back here to see what happened and who performed well.  Below, are the three biggest reasons why I can’t stand preseason football.

1.  It proves absolutely nothing.

Sometimes I think people put way too much stock in preseason football games.  Yes, they are a little important, but don’t go suicidal if the Lions get smoked on Friday.  I know some people are going to overreact if player X has a terrible game and call for him to be replaced.  Please, save the judgement until after Week 1.  Whether the Lions win every game by over 30 points or go 0-4 in the preseason, it doesn’t matter a bit.  We as Lions fans should know this the most as the infamous 2008 team was perfect in the preseason.

2.  Injuries suck.  Seriously.

The main thing I want to see after these four games is a healthy depth chart.  Is there anything worse than watching a meaningless game and then seeing a player go down with an injury?  Imagine Calvin Johnson tearing an ACL or Matthew Stafford re-injuring his shoulder.  I, for one, do not want to see that happen live on my television.  I’d rather stick a fork in a toaster than witness that.  Way more harm than good comes from preseason games.

3.  The stars ride the bench.

I can’t watch a game where the first-teamers are out of the game after about ten minutes.  I agree with the moves and if I was Jim Schwartz, I would rest the stars after a single possession.  However, it is still really boring after they are out of the game.  While it is extremely important for the players fighting for a roster, almost anything is better to watch than the 4th quarter of a NFL preseason game.

Honorable mention: AL Central Pennant Race

The lead between my White Sox and your Tigers is a half game.  Who doesn’t want to watch how this unfolds?

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