Detroit Lions 2012 Schedule Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Detroit Lions will make an early November trip to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars for their eighth game of the season. The Jaguars are undergoing a rebirth of sorts, something I was able to discuss with Luke Sims, editor at Black and Teal. My thanks to Luke for taking the time to answer my questions about the Jaguars.

1. What is your initial reaction to the Jaguars’ 2012 draft?

Luke Sims: I was very pleased with the Jaguars’ draft in 2012. I was out shopping at a mall when my phone alerted me to the Justin Blackmon selection and quickly ran to the nearest electronics store so I could watch it on 12 different TVs. But seriously, I think that Blackmon and Andre Branch have a real chance to make a big impact in their first year with the team. I also like punter Bryan Anger (maybe not 3rd round attraction…) and from all reports he is keeping his punts around six seconds of hangtime which is unbelievable. After Anger I felt there was some drop off in the quality of players selected but I think that the added depth at some positions will turn out to be a good move.

2. How are the fans and coaches approaching Blaine Gabbert’s second season after a terrible rookie year?

LS: I keep trying to make the comparison of Gabbert to Minnesota’s Christian Ponder and to Eli Manning during his rookie season. Gabbert was never supposed to start in 2011 and the coaches knew that. With a new coaching staff the powers that be could have gone in any direction but they stuck with Gabbert. The strong physical tools that Gabbert posses are the positive, but the mental lapses and creating good footwork and pocket presence into second nature are the main focus of the coaches. I think the fans are really rooting for him to make a comeback, he really is the first top-flight player we’ve had come to the position since Mark Brunell.

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