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Detroit Lions 2012 Schedule Preview: Philadelphia Eagles

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3. I get the feeling that Andy Reid’s time in Philadelphia is nearing an end win or lose, is that an accurate assessment?

BW: I don’t think so. If the Eagles come out and fail to make the postseason with this bunch, he’s in trouble. But with the recent departure of former Eagles’ president Joe Banner, it’s become evident that Lurie continues to entrust his football team with Reid. Banner and Reid weren’t in all-out power struggle, but it’s clear Reid wanted total control, and Lurie has given it to him. The offseason focus of extending current players and building locker room harmony was directed by Reid. If this team makes the postseason and wins a game or two, Reid will be safe. If I had to guess, Reid will remain in Philadelphia for the next five seasons, barring disaster.

4. Has DeSean Jackson turned a corner or do you expect his attitude to continue being a problem?

BW: Great question. Jackson was a complete pain in the ass in 2012. His contract situation and financial woes each played a part in his lack of focus which led to a decline in production. I think Jackson can be elite and he’s said all the right things in the wake of his new contract. This is an absolutely crucial year for Michael Vick and Andy Reid, and if Jackson truly loves the two like he claims, he has to come through. My hunch is he’ll rebound, but would I be shocked if he doesn’t? No, not at all.

5. What are your expectations for the Eagles in 2012?

BW: I think the Eagles are the deepest team in the NFC East. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Giants and how they find ways to win. Still, if the Eagles play within themselves and limit mistakes, I project them as an 11-win team that will win the NFC East. I’m not sure that there is any team in the conference that will run away with 12 or 13 wins, so I think they’ll grab a number two or three seed. From there, it’s all about matchups. To me, anything short of an NFC Championship Game appearance will be a failure. Until they lose that, and I still claim the season a failure.

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